Galvanized Steel Push Piers

Dino Lift steel push pier system is the standard in foundation repair applications. Professional design and engineering allows this push pier to structurally underpin home foundations down to a true load bearing stratum. The steel resistance pier design penetrates the soil, beyond expansive or active soils, to support structures from either the interior or exterior of the foundation. 

All models of  steel push pier offers a two-stage system of driving steel pile sections to a confirmed bearing stratum. Upon reaching this good load bearing soil, Dino Lift manifold lifting system can then recover lost height or provide a precise support of a home.



Helical Piers



helical piers are ideal for applications where there is a need to resist a tension or compressive force or both. When combined with a steel bracket, these helical screw anchors are ideal for foundation repair applications. Our helical piers have been used in many utility and civil construction projects over the years, from guy wire applications to underpinning and soil nail applications, upon installation helical piers load tested to prove their capacities. 


Poured Concrete Piers

poured piers concrete slab.jpg

Also know as post-piering, effective in areas where active soils are known to be shallow. Rapid installation and low cost of materials makes it economical when conditions allow. The same principle is used in pre-construction slabs. Depths are determined by soil testing reports.




Pressed Concrete Piers


foundation repair.jpg

In this method, the same principle as steel push piers is used. Unlike steel piers, this method relies on the cylinder's  skin friction to establish points of lifting. Skin friction of the concrete piers is achieved due to the nature of concrete surface and the large area that a 6"x12" cylinder has.  This method is effective in certain conditions depending on soil and  foundation construction. Although this method is normally less costly, its only recommended under special soil conditions.



Poly Jack Concrete Raising

A closed cell polymer expanding foam is injected below the surface of the slab through a hole less than one inch in diameter. The poly mix injected will first find and fill weaker soils, it will expand to become more dense substance to fill most voids below the slab in able to lift it back to original elevation. This method is typically used to repair sunken areas inside structures and thinner slabs as typically found in driveways and walkways.